Amy Ziebarth

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Head of School, Far Brook School | Former NJ SEEDS Executive Director, 1998-2010

“I am proud of the kids that I’ve worked with at New Jersey SEEDS. Their dedication and perseverance is incredible. They work extremely hard to make this transformative educational experience a reality for them. I’m amazed by all they accomplish at their schools and in the world. They are really remarkable.”

Amy Ziebarth first learned about New Jersey SEEDS when she was serving as the Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Kent Place School. It was then that Chisa Hutchinson (Scholars ’94) came in for her interview at Kent Place. “After spending 45 minutes with Chisa, I went to my Head of School and told her that I had to get involved with SEEDS. I began to volunteer and ran a financial aid workshop for SEEDS families.” Amy joined the New Jersey SEEDS team full-time in 1995 as the Director of Programs. Three years later, she became the second Executive Director of New Jersey SEEDS.

“One of the most gratifying parts of serving as Executive Director was my relationship with SEEDS’ families. At one of my first graduations, I remember watching families gather on the quad at the Peddie School. There were aunts, uncles, and grandparents who came out; so many people had been part of each student’s journey. There was a really beautiful community spirit that made me realize this was so much more than a child going through a summer school or a weekend program. This was a transformative experience for these families.”

Amy’s work has allowed her to realize the transformation is not just for SEEDS families – but for the school communities SEEDS scholars join as well. “SEEDS students have changed the face of independent schools for the better. Classes are richer, academic excellence is higher, and there is a dramatically different educational experience – not only for the SEEDS students but for all students in these schools.”

Amy believes that the most beneficial part of SEEDS is the access it provides for students and their families. “It’s the opportunity for educational choice and to experience that higher level of education. That access opens the next door, and then the next door after that. Each wave of SEEDS graduates stands on the shoulders of the students before them. Each class makes room for the next. I want to thank SEEDS scholars for being so smart and courageous. They inspired me every single day. SEEDS is near and dear to my heart, and I am completely honored to have been part of this organization.”