College Scholars Program FAQ

How many students participate in College Scholars?

There are approximately 44 students in each College Scholars class.

How long is the College Scholars Program?

The College Scholars Program is 17 months long. Students begin Saturday classes with SEEDS in the second half of their junior year of high school. SEEDS classes continue for a three-week residential session the summer before 12th grade. Then, students participate in academic classes each Saturday of the 12th grade year. For more information, click here.

How are students selected for the College Scholars Program?

Students must be nominated by their guidance counselors. After nominations are received, students will be invited to complete an application. Finalists will be interviewed before decisions are made. Students apply to SEEDS for the College Scholars Program while in the 11th grade, but nominations can be accepted from April of 10th grade through October of 11th grade. For additional information, please contact our Admissions team at 973.642.6422.

Where does the College Scholars Program take place?

The College Scholars Program takes place each Saturday at Drew University in Madison and the residential summer program takes place at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (Geneva, NY) each summer.

Is there a charge for the College Scholars Program?

No, there is no charge for participating in any SEEDS program. We are a nonprofit organization funded entirely by private donations.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, SEEDS provides free transportation to all our students.

What does the College Scholars curriculum look like?

College Scholars are exposed to rigorous academics and test preparation, in addition to workshops designed to develop college survival skills. With the assistance of SEEDS, students will undertake a comprehensive college search.

Do you give out homework?

Yes. Because SEEDS is an academic organization, homework is given to students during most class sessions. Teachers make themselves available during the week by phone and email to answer student questions.

How does the college process work?

With the assistance of SEEDS, students will undertake a comprehensive college search, complete with campus tours, visits from college representatives, counseling, mentoring, and fly-in weekend applications. At the same time, SEEDS will work with each College Scholar to complete college applications, develop compelling essays and secure the maximum available financial aid.

Does NJ SEEDS provide college scholarships?

SEEDS works with colleges to obtain 90-100% in financial aid and scholarships directly from the schools our scholars attend. The College Scholars Program is designed to provide students and their families with the resources and information to prepare them for the college application and financial aid processes. All financial aid packages will be reviewed with students and their families.