Donations of Stock

TO: New Jersey SEEDS Donors

FR: Rob Purcell, Director of Finance and Administration

RE: New Jersey SEEDS Securities Donation Instructions

Thank you for considering a donation of securities to New Jersey SEEDS. The information you will need to provide to your broker is as follows:

  • Securities should be delivered to Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc.NJ2-140-02-17
    P.O. Box 1501
    Pennington, NJ 08534
  • DTC # 5198 (SWIFT Code: EOFAUS3N)
  • For New Jersey SEEDS, Inc., account # 7Z4-01061

Attn: Merrill Edge Advisory Center
Phone: (855) 667-9451

Please note that Merrill Lynch will not know the name of the donor who initiated the transfer, only the institution it was received from. Please be sure to call our office and advise us of your gift, including the name(s) of the securities transferred, the number of shares, and the person(s) to be acknowledged. Doing so will enable us to confirm that we received the correct gift and provide a written acknowledgement of your gift in a timely manner. We can be reached at:

Thank you again for you generosity and support of New Jersey SEEDS.