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Student Profiles

"Because of SEEDS, you will dream big and become uber-confident in your own capabilities.  Throughout your entire high school career and beyond, you’ll have the unconditional support of SEEDS. You’ll grow into a confident scholar-leader, who is not afraid to speak her mind. And in the end, you’ll look back on your decision to apply to SEEDS and see that it was the first step in a journey that will lead to a very bright and successful future."

~Claudia Torres , Scholars Program , Class of 2011 , Kent Place School , Class of 2015 , Yale University , Class of 2019

"SEEDS will give you results. It gives hope and strength to high achieving high school students who need opportunities. SEEDS will steer you in a positive direction and, while the personal benefit is rewarding, the future societal benefits will be even greater. Quite simply, SEEDS will show you how many resources are out there for you, how to access them, and how leverage them...SEEDS will come to mean everything to you. I will never be able to describe to you how much your life will change because once you are in SEEDS, you will never be able to imagine your life without SEEDS."

~Uchenna Eze , College Preparatory Program , Class of 2013 , University of Southern California , Class of 2017

"...There are so many successes ahead – so many more than your 7th grade brain can imagine… SEEDS will give you the opportunity and means to become the woman I am today… SEEDS is the first step toward becoming an NYU Langone Medical Center Fellow in Maternal Fetal Medicine."

~Margaret Dziadosz , Scholars Program , Class of 1997 , Montclair Kimberley Academy , Class of 2001 , Villanova University , Class of 2005 , New York University , Fellowship for Maternal Fetal Medicine

"SEEDS will prepare you well for success at your new home, Delbarton...You will achieve straight A’s on your winter report card. You will do community service, join clubs, and play sports. You will even return to SEEDS to encourage the newest class of Young Scholars. In a very short period of time, you will become a more responsible young adult...SEEDS is the first great opportunity that leads to many more."

~Joseph Townsend , Young Scholars Program , Class of 2014 , Delbarton School , Class of 2020

"I want to grow up to be someone successful and independent, and a good education will help me reach these goals. SEEDS taught me to push myself as much as I could in terms of my classes and my grades. The most important think SEEDS has done for me is to provide me with the opportunity almost no one else would have - to have the support and motivation to be the best that I can be - and tell me that I have the ability to become someone greater."

~Jennifer Alvarado , College Preparatory Program , Class of 2015

"I wanted to apply to SEEDS because it's an amazing opportunity to help low-income students get into top schools. I wanted to be one of those students and have a bright future. I hope that SEEDS will be a stepping stone in furthering my education, and I would encourage anyone who is smart, determined and looking for a better future to apply for one of SEEDS' programs."

~Gillian Allou , Scholars Program , Class of 2015

"The opportunities this organization gives its students are superb. Visiting the independent schools was the highlight of my placement process. I was able to see the way students at these schools study and what is expected of them. The most important thing that SEEDS has done for me is give me the ability to attend a school with so many choices and opportunities that fit my needs."

~Patrick Uket , Young Scholars Program , Class of 2014 , Peck School , Class of 2016

"I applied to New Jersey SEEDS because I wanted to be in a more challenging school with students who are serious about their educations and want to learn. With SEEDS, I learned to be a leader and advocate for myself. What I'm most looking forward to is being in a new environment with good teachers and classmates who care about where their futures are going."

~Afia Oduro-Manu , Young Scholars Program , Class of 2014 , All Saints Episcopal Day School , Class of 2016

"I saw SEEDS as an opportunity to be exposed to new experiences. SEEDS introduced me to subjects I never had the chance to learn in my hometown school. My favorite class has been math. The Scholars Program has increased my knowledge in this field. SEEDS helped me find myself - as a student and as a person."

~Joshua Smith , Scholars Program , Class of 2014 , McCallie School , Class of 2018

"I applied to SEEDS to get better opportunities. My goal is to become a lawyer or a biology teacher, and getting a good education is important in both. SEEDS helped advance my education, put me a step ahead of others in my class, and makes me feel more prepared. SEEDS helps me understand anything that I may not have understood during the week in school, and with my experience at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, I have learned what the college environment is like. SEEDS means that I can achieve success even though I am a young man of color from a small city. I can make it."

~Jorge Osoria , College Preparatory Program , Class of 2016