Young Scholars Explore the Arts

Each spring, SEEDS partners with the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey to implement an arts component for the Young Scholars Program. Each month, an artist from the VAC visits Young Scholars during Saturday classes, and students learn about a variety of techniques and produce their own artwork. At the end of their school year with SEEDS, Young Scholars have the chance to travel to the Visual Arts Center, explore the space, and create self portraits. 

In addition to this arts component, Young Scholars also have the opportunity to sit down with SEEDS graduates monthly for a Brown Bag Lunch. During these discussions, SEEDS alumni answer Young Scholars’ questions about the transition to selective schools. Each session also highlights a specific topic, including: Not Over Yet (a motivational session to encourage Young Scholars to finish their 14 months with SEEDS strong), Take It in Stride (a session designed to discuss the transition to selective schools), Independent School: Insider’s Scoop (a session where alumni speak to Young Scholars who will enroll at the school they attend) and Living in Two Worlds: Code Switching (a discussion about cultural and academic transitions from home schools to independent schools).

Young Scholars continued to prepare for the end of their SEEDS experience when students and their families met with SEEDS’ Guidance team to learn more about SEEDS services after graduation during an April parent meeting. Young Scholars then wrapped up their SEEDS Saturday classes in May.