Student Profiles

“I want to grow up to be someone successful and independent, and a good education will help me reach these goals. SEEDS taught me to push myself as much as I could in terms of my classes and my grades. The most important thing SEEDS has done for me is to provide me with the opportunity almost no one else would have – to have the support and motivation to be the best that I can be – and tell me that I have the ability to become someone greater.”

Student Profile - Jennifer Alvarado
Jennifer Alvarado
College Preparatory Program - Class of 2015, Drew University 2019

“I wanted to apply to SEEDS because it’s an amazing opportunity to help low-income students get into top schools. I wanted to be one of those students and have a bright future. I hope that SEEDS will be a stepping stone in furthering my education, and I would encourage anyone who is smart, determined and looking for a better future to apply for one of SEEDS’ programs.”

Student Profile - Gillian Allou
Gillian Allou
Scholars Program - Class of 2015, Phillips Exeter Academy 2019

“I wanted to participate in the Young Scholars Program because I knew that I would never get another chance to have an opportunity like this. I live in Newark and I knew that SEEDS would get me to the places I needed to go and the schools I wanted to get into. In the Young Scholars Program, I really loved my history class. We learned about human history and ancient civilizations. In English, I improved my vocabulary so much in one year. I’m most excited about the new experiences I can expect at Fessenden. I’ve never been away from my family. I’m ready for it, I want to go. I’m sure it will be a challenge, but I will get to meet new people.”

Student Profile - Joss Eyondi
Joss Eyondi
Young Scholars - 2013, Fessenden School - 2016

“SEEDS will give you results. It gives hope and strength to high achieving high school students who need opportunities. SEEDS will steer you in a positive direction and, while the personal benefit is rewarding, the future societal benefits will be even greater. Quite simply, SEEDS will show you how many resources are out there for you, how to access them, and how to leverage them…SEEDS will come to mean everything to you. I will never be able to describe to you how much your life will change because once you are in SEEDS, you will never be able to imagine your life without SEEDS.”

Student Profile - Uchenna Eze
Uchenna Eze
College Preparatory Program - Class of 2013, University of Southern California - Class of 2017

“I applied to New Jersey SEEDS because I wanted to be in a more challenging school with students who are serious about their educations and want to learn. With SEEDS, I learned to be a leader and advocate for myself. What I’m most looking forward to is being in a new environment with good teachers and classmates who care about where their futures are going.”

Student Profile - Afia Oduro-Manu
Afia Oduro-Manu
Young Scholars Program - Class of 2014, All Saints Episcopal Day School - Class of 2016

“I owe a lot of my intellectual and professional success to being a SEEDS scholar. SEEDS gave me opportunities that I would never have been afforded otherwise. The program is truly unique and I was blessed enough to be a part of it at a time when I didn’t even realize the value it would have in my future. New Jersey SEEDS is very much still a part of my life. As a member of the Alumni Alliance, I encourage other alumni to reach back and give to SEEDS the way SEEDS gave to us by mentoring, volunteering or just networking with future graduates looking to follow in our footsteps.”

Student Profile - Aamira Garba
Aamira Wright Garba
Scholars Program, Class of 1999, Kent Place School, Class of 2003, Temple University, Class of 2007, Macy's

“New Jersey SEEDS is honestly the one reason I am where I am. I currently have a full scholarship to Stanford University and I had a full scholarship to Delbarton. I think a lot about the fact that I received one of the best educations a kid could ask for without having to pay a dime and that’s all due to New Jersey SEEDS. They invested money in me, my schools have invested money in me, and that’s an opportunity that I can’t take for granted. I’m very grateful to have SEEDS in my life, because it really put me in a place to do great things.”

Student Profile - Wade Morgan
Wade Morgan
Young Scholars - 2005, Delbarton School - 2011, Stanford University - 2015

“I applied to SEEDS to get better opportunities. My goal is to become a lawyer or a biology teacher, and getting a good education is important in both. SEEDS helped advance my education, put me a step ahead of others in my class, and makes me feel more prepared. SEEDS helps me understand anything that I may not have understood during the week in school, and with my experience at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, I have learned what the college environment is like. SEEDS means that I can achieve success even though I am a young man of color from a small city. I can make it.”

Student Profile - Jorge Osoria
Jorge Osoria
College Preparatory Program - Class of 2016

“Because of SEEDS, you will dream big and become uber-confident in your own capabilities. Throughout your entire high school career and beyond, you’ll have the unconditional support of SEEDS. You’ll grow into a confident scholar-leader, who is not afraid to speak her mind. And in the end, you’ll look back on your decision to apply to SEEDS and see that it was the first step in a journey that will lead to a very bright and successful future.”

Student Profile - Claudia Torres
Claudia Torres
Scholars Program - Class of 2011, Kent Place School - Class of 2015, Yale University - Class of 2019

“…There are so many successes ahead – so many more than your 7th grade brain can imagine… SEEDS will give you the opportunity and means to become the woman I am today… SEEDS is the first step toward becoming an NYU Langone Medical Center Fellow in Maternal Fetal Medicine.”

Student Profile - Margaret Dziadosz
Margaret Dziadosz
Scholars Program - Class of 1997, Montclair Kimberley Academy - Class of 2001, Villanova University - Class of 2005, New York University - Fellowship for Maternal Fetal Medicine

“SEEDS will prepare you well for success at your new home, Delbarton…You will achieve straight A’s on your winter report card. You will do community service, join clubs, and play sports. You will even return to SEEDS to encourage the newest class of Young Scholars. In a very short period of time, you will become a more responsible young adult…SEEDS is the first great opportunity that leads to many more.”

Student Profile - Joseph Townsend
Joseph Townsend
Young Scholars Program - Class of 2014, Delbarton School - Class of 2020

“The opportunities this organization gives its students are superb. Visiting the independent schools was the highlight of my placement process. I was able to see the way students at these schools study and what is expected of them. The most important thing that SEEDS has done for me is give me the ability to attend a school with so many choices and opportunities that fit my needs.”

Student Profile - Patrick Uket
Patrick Uket
Young Scholars Program - Class of 2014, Peck School - Class of 2016

“I saw SEEDS as an opportunity to be exposed to new experiences. SEEDS introduced me to subjects I never had the chance to learn in my hometown school. My favorite class has been math. The Scholars Program has increased my knowledge in this field. SEEDS helped me find myself – as a student and as a person.”

Student Profile - Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
Young Scholars Program - Class of 2014, All Saints Episcopal Day School - Class of 2016

“Now that I’m at my independent school, I take advantage of everything that is offered. I look at myself as someone who is privileged to be where I am. SEEDS taught me to see my potential, and the only way to see it is to step out of my comfort zone. For me, SEEDS is not only an organization, it is part of who I am. The people who work for SEEDS are like part of my family. I came back to be a student advisor this summer because I wanted to be reinspired by SEEDS and the students who have a passion for their education.”

Student Profile - Chelsea Espinosa
Chelsea Espinosa
Scholars Program, Class of 2012, Cheshire Academy, Class of 2016

“For me, SEEDS means opportunity. SEEDS is the helping hand that allows children, despite economic disadvantages, to attend some of the greatest academic institutions that this country has to offer. An education goes a long way, and so does this organization. SEEDS follows its alumni beyond their transition to independent schools, into higher education and afterwards. SEEDS’ programs plant seeds of opportunity that grow and put scholars on the track to a brighter future. I’m both proud and honored that I can say ‘I am a SEEDS scholar,’ and even more thankful that I can refer to myself as an alum.”

Student Profile - Nanayaw Appiah-Kubi
Nanayaw Appiah-Kubi
Scholars Program - Class of 2011, Delbarton School - Class of 2015, Boston College - Class of 2019

“My goal for the future is to be a data scientist. SEEDS gave me a leg up when it came to getting to know the college process and applying to schools, and I’m proud to say my biggest accomplishment was getting into Colorado College. For me, SEEDS was necessary in helping me get into my dream school, and I wanted to come back as a student advsior for CPP to help others as others have helped me.”

Student Profile - Kevin Morales
Kevin Morales
College Preparatory Program, Class of 2012, Colorado College, Class of 2016

“New Jersey SEEDS is a home that cultivates education and supports individuality while still feeling like a close-knit family. People have asked me if New Jersey SEEDS changed me as a person. The answer is always yes. Without the Scholars Program, I would never have had the opportunities I needed to succeed. I would never have learned so much about myself and others. SEEDS has given me the chance to reinvent myself both intellectually and emotionally.”

Student Profile - Nada Zohayr
Nada Zohayr
Scholars - 2013, Philips Exeter Academy - 2017

“A good education is important to me because education gets people far in life. Opportunity comes and goes, but education stays with you forever. CPP helped me every step of the way throughout the college application process. The program showed me which schools to look at, which would be a good fit for me, and which give the best financial aid. Because of the College Preparatory Program, I am a few steps ahead of every other student in my senior class. Honestly, if I didn’t join SEEDS a few years ago, I don’t know what kind of future I’d have ahead of me.”

Student Profile - Cyrain Anderson
Cyrain Anderson
College Preparatory Program - 2014, Orange High School - 2014, Union College - 2018

“I believe that SEEDS does a great job staying involved with its students after their graduation from the program. This is because the SEEDS staff says active and interested in my college career. I have stayed involved with SEEDS by serving as an advisor for CPP’s Summer Collegiate Experience and speaking at special events because SEEDS means the world to me. It represents hope, promise, progression, family and unconditional love. I am so grateful for New Jersey SEEDS.”

Student Profile - Tempestt Williams
Tempestt Williams
College Preparatory Program - 2014, Denison University - 2015

“A college education is not the norm in my neighborhood. A lot of my friends enrolled in college but many dropped out. Others have been in and out of jail, or have found themselves in dead-end jobs. SEEDS started me off on an educational journey worth $413,924 – and all at no cost to my family. The single best thing SEEDS taught me is that one person determining that you have potential will drastically change the trajectory of your life. It only takes one.”

Student Profile - D'Shai Hendricks
D’Shai Hendricks
Scholars Program - 2006, Lawrenceville School - 2010, Stanford University - 2014, Citi

“SEEDS taught me to speak my mind. It taught me the importance of expressing my opinions and not being shut down by anyone. Thanks to SEEDS, I will be the first person in my family to graduate from high school and go on to get a college education.”

Student Profile - Kristy Saldana
Kristy Saldana
College Preparatory Program - 2014, Trenton Central High School - 2014, Colgate University - 2018

“SEEDS opened doors so that I could receive a better education and allowed me to attend Delbarton School, where the opportunities are endless. Through SEEDS, I learned that you can do anything with hard work.”

Student Profile - Charles Cadena
Charles Cadena
Scholars Program - 2013, Delbarton School - 2017

“This journey wasn’t easy. Until SEEDS, a lot of us were perfect in school. It was eye opening to receive constructive criticism and be told that we have to really work hard in order to be outstanding. This program altered the trajectory of all our lives. It gave us access to the most competitive schools in the country.”

Student Profile - Jarrid Tingle
Jarrid Tingle
Scholars Program - 2005, Peddie School - 2009, University of Pennsylvania - 2013, ICV Partners, LLC

“I grew up in Newark and graduated from the Young Scholars Program. It is my dream to attend Cornell, become a pediatrician and eradicate diabetes. Because of my experience with SEEDS, I have opportunities that my friends don’t even know exist.”

Student Profile - Anika Buch
Anika Buch
Young Scholars - 2013, Morristown Beard - 2019

“SEEDS taught me to lead by example. They taught me to never feel ashamed of my economic status. They showed me that I could be just as successful as someone born with the advantages that I was born without. That first step into NJ SEEDS almost seven years ago began my journey of a thousand miles.”

Student Profile - Danny Chang
Danny Chang
Scholars - Class of 2008 , Dwight-Englewood - Class of 2012, Johns Hopkins University - Class of 2016

“SEEDS Saturday classes were no joke. While my friends slept in and watched Saturday morning cartoons, I studied Algebra and prepared for the SSAT. But it was fun too – I met the amazing peers who inspire me and would become my support system…Through thick and thin, good and bad, happy and sad, I always knew that SEEDS genuinely cared for not only my academic well-being and success, but my personal well-being. SEEDS is a family.”

Student Profile - Devika Patel
Devika Patel
Scholars - Class of 2008, Montclair Kimberley Academy - Class of 2012, Stanford University - Class of 2016

“What I appreciate the most about SEEDS is that so many people are putting in effort on behalf of the students – staff, teachers, parents and other scholars. You start to see the impact right away in independent school.”

Student Profile - Teryon Lowery
Teryon Lowery
Young Scholars - Class of 2009, Delbarton School - Class of 2015, Dickinson College - Class of 2019

“Starting with my first SEEDS experience on a college campus, CPP opened opportunities for me that I didn’t know existed. It gave me the ability to think outside the box. It even introduced me to the CEOs of major companies. These experiences made me realize that I too want to be in the business world. When I came to this country 10 years ago, I was placed in ESL classes. Now, I am in the Honors Business Program at the University of Hartford.”

Student Profile - Andres Olarte
Andres Olarte
CPP - Class of 2011, Academies at Englewood - Class of 2011, University of Hartford - Class of 2015

“SEEDS has been a springboard to opportunity and a support system through each new endeavor…When I graduated from NYU, SEEDS was there for me with an introduction to Barclays where I am now an analyst. Because of SEEDS, the world keeps opening up exponentially.”

Student Profile - Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza
Scholars - Class of 2004, Western Reserve Academy - Class of 2008, New York University - Class of 2012, Neuberger Berman

“SEEDS is important because it gave us the opportunity to attend schools that would have never been possible otherwise. SEEDS took us in as children and made us into scholars. It provided us the chance to learn from the best educators in the country. It showed us that true dedication to your passion is the only way to live your life. And it allowed us to see that success is attained by living every day to change the life of someone else through education, compassion and love. SEEDS changed my life.”

Student Profile - Brandon Jacobs
Brandon Jacobs
Scholars - Class of 2003, The Hill School - Class of 2007, The College of Wooster - Class of 2011

“SEEDS taught me the importance of education and philanthropy. Education, by helping me gain admission to the Peddie School, and philanthropy, by example. SEEDS has helped so many kids become intelligent and kind-hearted adults. In the future, I wish to help people the same way SEEDS has helped me because I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today, nor the person I am today, without the help of SEEDS.”

Student Profile - Mohammad Huq
Mohammad Huq
Scholars - Class of 2009, Peddie School - Class of 2013, Rutgers University - New Brunswick - Class of 2017

‘How many of us have studied abroad, or gained a summer internship through New Jersey SEEDS? Not only does SEEDS place students in schools, it remains in their lives long afterwards. As a graduate of SEEDS, I knew it was critical to share my experience. I worked in the SEEDS Alumni Department where I helped establish the summer opportunities program and planned events that keep our alumni engaged and supported.”

Student Profile - Jenny Dodson
Jenny Dodson
Scholars - Class of 1999, Kent Place School - Class of 2003, University of Michigan - Class of 2007, Columbia University - National Institute of Reproductive Health

“…imagine me walking through Irvington at age 12; weighed down by a backpack, and the stresses of my hard-working parents who were trying to give their four children the opportunities they didn’t have in Haiti. In fact, the SEEDS story is one that often begins with struggle: the struggle of students who sit in uninspiring classrooms, feeling their potential bursting within them. The struggle of parents who fret every day as their children walk through unsafe neighborhoods, only to receive a totally inadequate education when they reach their destination.”

Student Profile - Calvin Millien
Calvin Millien
Scholars - Class of 2008, Seton Hall Prep - Class of 2012, Georgetown University - Class of 2016

“When a SEEDS representative came to my seventh grade classroom, the possibilities seemed unbelievable. Independent school? Classes that would challenge me? The opportunity to play sports and go to a top college? Of course I applied…and I got in! Everyone at SEEDS has been a source of support and motivation. SEEDS has done a lot for me, but it’s their faith in me, and loyalty to me, that I find most important.”

Student Profile - Abraham Lawal
Abraham Lawal
Scholars - Class of 2008, Seton Hall Prep - Class of 2012, Keynon College, Class of 2016

“Among other commitments [at the University of Richmond], I mentor students in the Youth Life Foundation and through the academic skills center. Why? Because SEEDS gave to me and I feel good about giving back to other students.”

Student Profile - Katie Apolinario
Katie Apolinario
Scholars - Class of 2005, Morristown-Beard - Class of 2009, University of Richmond - Class of 2013

“In the spring of eighth grade, I got the news. SEEDS had placed me in the Westtown School with a great scholarship. The summer before leaving for ninth grade, I spent every moment of the SEEDS Boarding Experience preparing myself for the transition to private school. Among the greatest lessons I learned was to believe in the power of my own voice.”

Student Profile - Da'Vion Louis
Da’Vion Louis
Scholars - Class of 2008, Westtown School - Class of 2012, Villanova University - Class of 2016

“My parents worked extraordinarily hard to be sure my siblings and I had better opportunities than themselves, and SEEDS catalyzed the principles of education and hard work my parents had instilled in me. I was lucky to receive educational opportunities not available to my parents. As a SEEDS, I was given a world-class education fit for the children of scholars, ambassadors and foreign royalty. I was fed love, care and consideration on which to build my pursuit of and commitment to learning, my personal integrity, respect and courage to lead. Best of all, I now have the ability to serve as an example of what can grow from a SEED with proper care. I am proud of the woman I have grown to be, and will always pay homage to those who planted the SEED.”

Student Profile - Daniela Frias
Daniela Frias
SEEDS Scholar - Class of 2000, Northfield Mount Hermon School - Class of 2004, Rutgers Business School-Newark - Class of 2010, Rutgers Business School - Class of 2012, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“New Jersey SEEDS has had a tremendous impact on many aspects of my life. SEEDS not only helped open up opportunities for my education and career, but most importantly, helped shape my way of thinking and set a foundation for my desire to learn and to achieve. By attending the program with other young, diverse students, I learned to be open to others’ perspectives, which has helped build my intellectual curiosity. When I think about all the achievements in my life, the opportunities that I have taken advantage of, and the interests and curiosities that I’ve developed, I always think about how this all stems from the learning and growth experience that I had with the SEEDS program at a very young age. New Jersey SEEDS set the foundation for me to explore my intellectual curiosities and to achieve my goals, and I am very thankful for that opportunity.”

Student Profile - Arkadiusz Adamczyk
Arkadiusz Adamczyk
SEEDS Scholar - Class of 2002, St. Andrew’s School - Class of 2006, Boston College Carroll School of Management - Class of 2010, Coach

“Thanks to SEEDS, my transition from high school to Hobart was quite seamless. I know the skills I have acquired in this program, both academically and socially, were very instrumental during my first semester at Hobart because the last four years have given me such a great head start. Whether it was dealing with the awkward first night with the new roommate or a challenging class, I believe that SEEDS prepared me to handle these situations simply because I’ve already experienced them first-hand. I already knew the icebreakers to make an awkward situation less intense. I’ve already experienced teachers who have pushed me to my limits, and who forced me to think critically inside and outside of the classroom.”

Student Profiles - Aloysius Kolubah
Aloysius Kolubah
SEEDS College Preparatory Program - Class of 2011, Hobart & William Smith Colleges - Class of 2015

“SEEDS was one of my most life-changing experiences. Without it, the opportunity to go to college and become successful in life would be more difficult. I met a lot of new friends that I still talk to. Thanks to SEEDS, I can highly guarantee that not only me, but everyone who graduated the program will live the life of their dreams. Graduating and becoming an alum has changed me. I felt sad leaving behind all the great teachers I met, but I know my duty is to motivate for the next generation of seedlings. SEEDS taught me to dream…dream further than I could ever imagine.”

Student Profile - Bryan Oliveira
Bryan Oliveira
SEEDS Young Scholar - Class of 2011, Delbarton School - Class of 2017

“Before getting involved with SEEDS, I was completely oblivious to the steps that one needs to take in order to apply to college. I did not even know what the SATs were. SEEDS helped me through that process every step of the way. They guided me on the right path, and supported me financially, emotionally, and academically. I am the first person in my family that has decided to get a degree, so I did not know anyone that could help me through the process. Before being admitted to SEEDS, I was completely alone in this battle. SEEDS also helped me realized just how important it is to get an education. It is one of the few things that no one can take away from you. It is the key to a good future, and a lifestyle that one can be proud of. I can proudly say that without SEEDS, I would have not made it to college. Their help and support cannot be described. NJ SEEDS is, in a way, my Good Samaritan because they were the ones that helped me when I needed it the most.”

Student Profile - Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez
SEEDS College Preparatory Program - Class of 2011, Orange High School - Class of 2011, Rutgers University - Class of 2015

“I am very happy to have graduated from the SEEDS program! In my neighborhood, there is a high school right up the street, but my family and I knew that I (and my younger siblings) would NOT go there. We just didn’t know where I would go. I’m so glad that SEEDS gave me, as well as my younger sister (SAS Class of 2012, and hopefully, my brother) the opportunity to have a better education. I also met some wonderful people along the way. I made friends that I will have for life and I got into a school that I love. My family and I thank God for the SEEDS program, because it gives students who really want to learn the chance to get the schooling they deserve.”

Student Profile - Deresha Hayles
Deresha Hayles
SEEDS Scholar - Class of 2011, Phillips Exeter Academy - Class of 2015

“Unfortunately, it isn’t every day that a Newark housekeeper’s daughter will graduate from one of the top colleges in the country. SEEDS gave me so much more than an acceptance letter. They helped me gain knowledge, confidence and exposure to different cultures. I was delighted to be accepted as a SEEDS Scholar, thrilled to become a SEEDS alumna and am now proud to be a SEEDS donor.”

Student Profile - Odette Rodrigues
Odette Rodrigues
SEEDS Scholars - Class of 2001, Newark Academy - Class of 2005, Harvard University - Class of 2009, Barclays

“SEEDS wasn’t an option for me. It was a necessity. My life changed forever. As a family, we’re on a different level. Our goals have changed as our dreams have become a reality.”

Student Profile - Diamond McClintock
Diamond McClintock
SEEDS Young Scholar - Class of 2004, The Pingry School - Class of 2010, Dickinson College - Class of 2014

“I take great pride in knowing that I have all that support behind me. It’s nice to be in a circle of people that are doing really great things with their lives. When that circle rises, I rise too.”

Student Profile - Chisa Hutchinson
Chisa Hutchinson
SEEDS Scholar - Class of 1994, Kent Place - Class of 1998, Vassar College - Class of 2002