Student Advisor Summer Internships

“I came back as a student advisor because I wanted to better understand my own journey through SEEDS by reliving the experience from a slightly different perspective; to gain more leadership experience; and to explore how I could incorporate my interest in education into my future experiences.”
~ James Ortiz (Scholars ’10, Choate Rosemary Hall ’14, Stanford University ’18)
Scholars Student Advisor – 2015

Becoming a New Jersey SEEDS Student Advisor is a terrific way for alumni to get to know the newest SEEDS scholars. This summer internship opportunity is a chance to hone leadership skills, mentor current SEEDlings and give back to New Jersey SEEDS. We encourage SEEDS alumni to apply to be a part of these intensive summer sessions.

Admission is competitive and selection represents an acknowledgement of a high-level of maturity and accomplishment.

For additional information on this opportunity, please contact New Jersey SEEDS at 973.642.6422.