Veronica Leitao

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College Scholars Program ’17 | Union College '21

“New Jersey SEEDS is a door you can open if you work hard enough and show dedication. SEEDS has become my second family. I trust and know the SEEDS family, much like my own, will guide me through my future endeavors. Having family to support you is amazing, but what is even more amazing is to have a life-changing organization to be there to help, support and guide you through the college process.”

Veronica Leitao is one of the high school seniors who participated in the first class of SEEDS’ College Scholars Program. Having graduated from SEEDS in June, Veronica and her classmates will head off to colleges across the country this fall. During the 17 months she spent with SEEDS, Veronica was guided through the college application and admissions process. “The support that SEEDS provided for me is one in a million. SEEDS helped me with everything when it came to researching colleges and completing college applications. SEEDS helped me search for different colleges that had my majors, interests, and extracurricular activities. SEEDS strengthened my college applications, and supported me through tough times when I would stress over what to submit.”

Through SEEDS, Veronica was able to take part in three different college tours. “As part of a SEEDS College Trip to New York, we visited Union College. Our visit to the school really sparked my interest. The more encouragement I got from SEEDS to look further into Union, the more I felt a part of the school. The exact moment I knew that I wanted to go to Union was when SEEDS set up an interview with them. Thanks to SEEDS I am now on the track I have always dreamed about. As a student who values life revolving around the success of academics, I see my future in the hands of prosperity. I want to excel in college by having A’s and high B’s to show to my family that I value my education and know I will never give up on it.”

Veronica doesn’t just have big plans for college, but big plans for her future. “I hope to achieve an MBA in five years. In six years, I want to work for a Fortune 500 company as a financial manager. These are my long term goals because I love the business world and everything it has to offer. The business world requires people who are hungry for success, and that hunger is inside of me. I know I will succeed no matter how many barriers get in the way.”