Michael Gary

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Head of School, Friends Select School (Philadelphia)

“New Jersey SEEDS scholars bring diversity, humility, kindness, appreciation and intelligence to the independent school communities they join.”

Michael Gary first learned about New Jersey SEEDS when he was recruiting students for Pomfret School. For the next 20 years, he continued his relationship with SEEDS’ placement department at both The Peddie School and Phillips Exeter Academy. Today, he is the Head of School at Friends Select.

In his time working with SEEDS, Michael helped 24 SEEDS students enroll in Peddie and Phillips Exeter. “New Jersey SEEDS’ programs are models for low-income scholars who demonstrate academic promise. Working with the SEEDS team allowed me to help my schools fulfill our missions of access and diversity.”

Michael has high praise not only for the SEEDS scholars he has met, but also for the SEEDS staff he has worked with over the years. “The SEEDS staff is professional and trustworthy. They understand our schools, and they know their students well.”

Michael’s dedication to ensuring SEEDS scholars have access to top educational opportunities is evident to the students he works with – and his colleagues. Nahin Jorgge is a Scholars graduate who enrolled in Phillips Exeter Academy while Michael was in the admissions department. After graduating from Yale, Nahin returned to Exeter and worked directly with Michael in the admissions office. Today, Nahin is the Associate Director of Admissions and the Coordinator of Multicultural and Diversity Recruitment at Exeter.

Nahin shares: “I am extremely thankful for Michael’s dedication to the SEEDS community and for the change he has made in my own life. Through his work behind the scenes in admissions, Michael has opened the doors of opportunity for countless SEEDS families, and he has taken time to nurture relationships with these numerous scholars by supporting them in their endeavors both academically and personally. He would always make himself available to SEEDS students should they have any issues on campus. He has served as a mentor to a large number students during his time at Exeter and other independent schools, and has always wanted the best for his mentees. Michael Gary has been an instrumental advocate for SEEDS scholars throughout his career in education.”