Maralyn Baez

Manager, Finance & Administration

John F. Castano

President and CEO

Barbara Crentsil

Assistant Director, College Placement

Erin Duggan

Assistant Director, Scholars Placement

Kristy Geoghan

Chief of Staff and Vice President of Organizational Advancement

Imani Gilliam

Director, Programs

Liseth Giraldo

Office Manager, Executive Assistant to Leadership Team

Andy Hoge

Vice President, Placement and Analytics

Jamie McClintock

Development Officer, Parent and Community Engagement

Theresa Murray

Associate Director, Communications

Rachel Patrick

Assistant Director, Program Data

Joshua Reyes

Programs Officer, College Scholars

Maria Ruzic

Guidance Officer

Aaron Tucker

Director, Admissions

Leticia Villalon-Soler

Development Officer, Data and Analytics

Sharon Zucker

Director, Guidance

Johulin Zuluaga

Guidance Officer

Select photos by Lamar Carter (SEEDS ’00).