All Star Spotlight: Erick Iraheta

Erick Iraheta
North Bergen | SEEDS ’18 | Westtown School ’22

Erick was a member of the SEEDS’ Scholars Class of 2018. After spending 14 months with SEEDS, Erick recently began his freshman year of high school at Westtown School in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

How has SEEDS helped to advance your education and how will it continue to help you?
SEEDS advocated for me so that I had the opportunity to attend private school. What SEEDS did will have a long-lasting impact on the way I will learn in the future.

How have you grown during your 14 months with SEEDS?
I went from being a very shy kid to an expressive, extroverted young adult.

What are you most looking forward to next year?
I’m looking forward to the brand new learning environment that I will be presented with.

What is the most important thing SEEDS has done for you?
SEEDS has made me realize that I can get where I want to be by working hard and taking advantage of the chances presented to me.

What does New Jersey SEEDS mean to you?
New Jersey SEEDS is a family. We were all buried, but they saw something in us and allowed us to blossom.