Capstone Scholars Explore Career Tracks

Scholars in the Class of 2018 returned to The Hill School for the Capstone Experience (view photos) to wrap up their 14 months with SEEDS. On July 15, Scholars began their second three-week residency, this time focusing on one of four tracks: Arts & Culture, Business & Finance, Law & Society and STEM.

During Capstone, students participated in one emphasized area of study (English for Arts & Culture, Math for Business & Finance, History for Law & Society and Science for STEM). The purpose of this intensive course of study is to prepare students for the next step in their educations – their new, selective high schools – and to start thinking about future career plans. Students created writing portfolios, developed business plans, participated in debates and conducted experiments. In addition to their time in class, Scholars played sports and took part in the annual talent show before celebrating their SEEDS graduation on August 4.