All Star Spotlight: Dhwani Bharvad

Dhwani Bharvad
SEEDS ’14 | Kent School ’18 | Harvard University ’22

Dhwani graduated from SEEDS’ Scholars Program in 2014. After four years at the Kent School, Dhwani will head off to Harvard University in the fall.

What made you interested in applying to SEEDS?
A couple of kids I knew that were a year older than me were a part of SEEDS. When SEEDS came to my school in seventh grade and I learned the goals of the program, I was really curious and decided to apply.

How did your time with SEEDS prepare you for Kent School? For Harvard?
The summers that I spent at The Hill School with really helped me adjust to dorm life and living with a roommate. So when I came to Kent, I was prepared. During the SEEDS Saturday classes, I also learned a lot of concepts that helped me get ahead and excel.

SEEDS also does a really good job in keeping in touch with alumni after they graduate, so I was always aware of internship opportunities and college visits. An internship that I listed on my Harvard application was actually one that I got through the SEEDS summer internship program (at the Liberty Science Center).

What advice would you give to the SEEDS Class of 2018?
I would advise the Class of 2018 to take every opportunity they can to try new things. Joining new sports and clubs are great ways to branch out and find a passion. I never did a sport before coming to Kent, but I joined the cross country team and became captain my senior year!

I would also share that they should keep the values they learned from SEEDS and apply them to their experiences at their new schools. SEEDS taught me about embracing diversity and being proud of your identity, like being a first generation student. Advocating for yourself and staying true to yourself are important practices that you should keep wherever you go.

If you could say one thing to a potential donor to encourage them to support SEEDS, what would it be?
By donating to SEEDS, you are giving a chance to students like me. I am really thankful for the investment that donors put into my future, and I will make sure to return the favor to someone else when I have the resources. By helping students like me excel, you are helping a new generation of leaders that will give back to their community like you did.

What does NJ SEEDS mean to you?
SEEDS means opportunity. It is an opportunity to have access to education and a means to succeed. Because of SEEDS, I have the privilege of earning things in my life like an Ivy League education.