A Forgotten Piece of the College Admissions Process

As a senior, a majority of your college applications should have been submitted. Whew! While you are waiting for final decisions and financial aid packages to roll in, now is the time to complete a very important part of the application process – saying thank you to those who have helped you along the way.

Take a moment to think about it: without your transcripts and recommendation letters from your counselor and teachers, it would not even be possible to complete your applications.

Who Should You Say Thank You To?
Thanking your counselor and teachers is obvious. In addition to providing academic advice over the past few years, they wrote you fantastic recommendation letters. And don’t forget to think about others in your life that have provided valuable guidance during this time; your mentors, coaches, family, and friends deserve gratitude for their support and encouragement as well.

How Should You Say Thank You?
A face-to-face thank you or telephone call will certainly be appreciated, as will a hand-written card or an email.

Don’t Forget to Keep in Touch!
After you’ve expressed your thanks, remember to update your counselor and teachers (and SEEDS!) with details on where you’ve been accepted, and what school you plan on attending. Your counselor and teachers have guided your academic journey and are guaranteed to share in your joy.