Ralph Delouis

East Orange, NJ | Scholars '98 | Montclair Kimberley Academy '02 | Connecticut College '06 | Rutgers University School of Law - Newark '09 | Regional Enforcement Counsel, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

“New Jersey SEEDS means growth. NJ SEEDS provides an avenue for children who are focused and determined to transcend their circumstances with a unique opportunity to…

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John F. Castano

Executive Director | New Jersey SEEDS

New Jersey SEEDS and I both started in education in 1992 – a quarter of a century ago. Having viewed the world as a teacher,…

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Nehemie Etienne

Orange, NJ | CPP '16 | Washington University in St. Louis '20

“If it weren’t for SEEDS, I would still be at a point in my life where I wouldn’t know what I wanted. Before SEEDS, I lacked…

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Cheyney M. Bobb-Semple

Mother of Terryl Wilson | East Orange, NJ | YSP '10 | Fay '13 | Berkshire '16 | Drew University '20

“At one point we didn’t know how we would ever be able to afford college when the time arrived. But thanks to the support we’ve…

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Claudia Torres

Union, NJ | Scholars '11 | Kent Place '15 | Yale '19

“It was only after I heard about NJ SEEDS that I realized that it was my key to unlocking my dream of a bright academic…

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