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20 Reasons to Celebrate SEEDS' 20th Anniversary

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In September 2012, nearly 1,000 New Jersey SEEDS graduates headed back to school at independent schools, colleges or universities across the country. Another 200 are enrolled in our Young Scholars, Scholars or College Preparatory Programs this school year, with the same goal: COLLEGE.

In honor our 20th anniversary, here are 20 reasons why your support of SEEDS students ensures that each of them has the opportunity to succeed. 

             SEEDS Opens Doors

  1. Serves motivated, high-achieving students
  2. Creates access to quality education for low-income students
  3. Serves families with an average annual income of $34,682
  4. Invests $15,000 in each student, which leverages $300,000 in scholarships
  5. "I am happy to say that SEEDS has changed my life for the good. It has taught me to be proud of my work, and it has made me a better person by teaching me  discipline. Since September, I have been at the best school of my life, Fay School. I have made so many cool new friends here, and experienced things like fried dough and black raspberry ice cream. I have also learned how to ride a bike. All of these amazing opportunities were able to happen because of SEEDS, and I am grateful to be an alumna of such an advantageous program." ~ Hope Sanders, Young Scholars Class of 2012, Fay School Class of 2015

    Sensational Scholars and Young Scholars
  6. Enrolls 95 eighth-grade students in the Scholars Program
  7. Works with 25 fifth- and sixth- grade students in the Young Scholars Program
  8. Placed 100% of 2012 Scholars and Young Scholars in independent schools
  9. Leveraged $3.35M from independent schools for Scholars' and Young Scholars' tuition last year
  10. "I wanted to be a part of SEEDS because I thought it was a great opportunity to experience new things and get out of my comfort zone. Since being in SEEDS, I am better at school and a lot better at interviews. SEEDS also taught me a lot about self-reliance and how to be independent." ~ Ancelmo Polanco, Scholars Class of 2013

    Committed College Prep Students
  11. Enrolls nearly 80 high school students from Orange and Trenton
  12. Works with a corps of volunteer mentors to navigate the college application process
  13. Orchestrated 125 acceptances from more than 70 schools for 28 CPP graduates last year
  14. Sent 100% of 2012 CPP graduates to college
  15. “Having the opportunity to be in CPP has influenced me not only academically, but socially. While with my NJ SEEDS family, we are pushed to be 

    ourselves, challenged to explore new directions, and find our place in the world. Thanks to NJ SEEDS I have the skills that will help me excel in college and in my search for a career, but the most important thing that I have obtained from NJ SEEDS is an extended family that I know I can always look to for support.” ~ Tayanna Washington, CPP Class of 2013, Trenton Central High School - West, Class of 2013

    SEEDS Produces Results
  16. Has graduated more than 1,700 SEEDS scholars to date
  17. Boasts a 99% college attendance rate for all students
  18. Supports aspirational college choices; majority of alumni attend most and highly competitive schools
  19. Has provided two decades of transformational educational opportunities all made possible by your support
  20. "It's been over a year since I graduated from New Jersey SEEDS and embarked on a new journey with the help of this wonderful program. Berkshire has given me so many wonderful opportunities that I would have never otherwise received at my public high school. I became involved in the arts and academically, I've taken almost all advanced courses and have excelled in each and every one of them. I can't thank SEEDS enough for everything they have helped me accomplish." ~ Jeffrey Erazo, Scholars Class of 2011, Berkshire School Class of 2015

Download the complete list of our 20 Reasons below, and visit our donations page to support the next generation of SEEDS scholars!